The Mount Sinai Integrative Sleep Center
Sleep Consultation Service
A visit to the sleep specialist is a new experience for most of the patients.

A sleep history is significantly different from the classic medical history that you commonly experienced with your primary care physician.

The sleep history includes detailed information about sleep habits, circadian rhythms, environmental factors (about your bedroom and bed partners), food and beverage intakes, emotional background, intrusive thought processes during the night, and recognition of daytime performance issues like hypersomnolence, fatigue, tiredness and poor concentration and decreased memory capacity, as markers of poor sleep efficacy.

  • As you arrive at the sleep center, the receptionist will begin the registration process.
  • A sleep questionnaire will be done next. It is a good idea to bring your bed partner, to describe witnessed observations and to participate in the interview.
  • The doctor will bring you to the office for an interview.
  • A physical examination will be done next.
  • A tour of the sleep testing area, bedrooms, day room and conference room.
  • Return to the doctor's office to discuss the impression and discussion of your diagnosis, possible testing and plans for the future.
  • Educational discussion and reading material.
  • Back to reception to arrange follow up or testing dates.

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